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Comfortable for feet and suitable for underfloor heating system.

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WINT FLOOR has successfully brought international market its excellent quality and innovative products. With annual yield of more than 3600 shipping containers WINT FLOOR is offering over 500 different patterns and 95% of its production is delivered to global market out of China.

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Using the lastest technologies, our dual-core processs ensure composition homogeneity and constant quality in every piece of SPC flooring.



Hebei Wint Technology Co., Ltd. , which was set up on 4th. Sep. 2014, is a manufacturer of high-tech and advanced material flooring for overseas market. It is an integrative firm that works on design, R&D, production and foreign trade as well.

WINT is a leading enterprise in the SPC flooring industry in China. The production capacity for SPC flooring is more than 300 containers a month. Here there are excellent producing and testing equipment and strict quality control that keep the products on high quality level.


Wint is holding two flooring production bases one of which is located in Xinle, Shijiazhuang, Hebei province and the other one in Shandong province.  The total production area is 25 hactares and staff more than 700.


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We offer competitive price. We offer both existing designs and customized types. We dedicate to the quality that is friendly to every step from wholesale to retail then logistic then installation and using finally.


Visit our factory for Product inspection or Inspect by the 3rd party. And get high recognized by clients over the world.


We have experienced and professional R&D team to innovate products continually. Provide you the best quality products.


We keep responsive for your service.

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Information based on the latest flooring trends. Flooring care and protection detail


Why should you choose SPC rigid vinyl flooring?

It’s eco friendly, very durable, easy to maintain, and very affordable. You will certainly never go wrong with an SPC rigid vinyl flooring.


Differences Between SPC And WPC

One of the new trends in flooring is the introduction of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. Rigid core is vinyl flooring that is comprised of a more solid or “rigid” core that is added for additional durability.

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What do SPC and WPC stand for?

SPC and WPC are different types of vinyl flooring that you can use in your home or business. The main difference is what the core of these floors is made of.  SPC stands for stone polymer composite, and WPC, similarly, stands for wood polymer composite.

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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of SPC flooring from Hebei China